2012 London Olympics Prepares to Launch – 24-07

July 24 – If the excitement amongst sports fans for the start of the 2012 London
Olympics was reaching boiling point last week, this week – with just four days
to go – it can only be described as positively ‘electric’, as the capital of
England prepares for the world’s greatest sporting event.

While those behind the running and organization of the 2012 London Olympics have
been sweating bullets in recent weeks as a result of widespread reports of
disorganization and ill-management in some areas, they have just a few days
before their efforts are either applauded or booed.

2012 London Olympic Games Almost Here

But one thing is for sure – come rain or shine (and considering the location,
expect much of the former), the 2012 London Olympic Games are going ahead, and
host city will be crammed with visitors from all corners of the globe, eager to
watch the world’s best athletes and sportsmen do battle.

While most visitors – who are not athletes, officials or diplomats – will be
happy just to watch their chosen events, for others, Olympic betting is the name
of the game. And with some 302 different events scheduled for the 2012 London
Olympics, they’ll certainly have no shortage of events to bet on.

Many Betting Fans Will Focus on Unusual Sports

Although Olympic betting lines involving such main stream sports such as soccer,
tennis, golf, cycling, basketball, boxing and others will be the obvious ones to
wager on, for the more intrepid sports betting fans, the more unusual events may
well offer the best way to capitalize on their betting action.

For instance, when it comes to soccer, there is only one country worth betting
on – Spain, and its favorite odds reflect this, which means a likely small
return on investment. However, for betting fans canny enough to have done their
homework on lessor known events, such as handball for instance, a pot of gold
may well lie at the end of the Olympic rainbow.

Olympic Handball Betting Lines Available

The reason is that oddsmakers may know a thing or two about soccer, but chances
are they know very little about the who’s who of the handball world. This means
punters who are familiar with the sport and its respective ‘heroes and zeros’,
may have an edge in terms of picking so called ‘longshots’, in other words folks
with high odds, but who are actually more than capable of winning gold.

As a result, there is expected to be a ‘rush’ of Olympic betting fans who seek
out land and online sportsbooks that offer betting lines on these more unusual
sports, with the objective of making their ‘Olympic betting bucks’ go as far as
possible. One such online sportsbook is
Bovada, which has the latest Olympic
Handball betting lines:

Handball – Men’s Outright Odds at Bovada

France – 2.88
Denmark – 4.00
Croatia – 5.00
Spain – 5.00
Iceland – 17.00
Serbia – 17.00
Sweden – 26.00
Hungary – 34.00
South Korea – 101.00
Tunisia – 151.00
Argentina – 251.00
Great Britain – 1001.00

Handball – Women’s Outright Odds

Norway – 2.75
Russia – 4.00
France – 4.50
Montenegro – 7.00
Denmark – 17.00
Spain – 21.00
Sweden – 26.00
Brazil – 34.00
South Korea – 34.00
Croatia – 51.00
Angola – 201.00
Great Britain – 751.00

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